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YMCA of Central Stark County

To put Christian Principles into practice through programs that build healthy spirit, mind and body for all.

Active Older Adults

The Y has fitness classes specifically designed for older adults. They give participants an opportunity to stay physically active or in some cases, to overcome their fear of exercise and begin being physically active.


Y Active Older Adult fitness programs accommodate a wide variety of interests and functional abilities of older adults. Active Older Adults programs include water exercise, yoga and stretching classes.

Some of our YMCAs also offer socialization opportunities such as Senior Fun Club, Motor coach trips and lunch clubs.

See your branch for program specific information.

forever fit

  • Low-impact cardiovascular workout with muscle conditioning using a variety of props.
  • Class includes balance and flexibility segment. Line Dancing last Wednesday of the month.

Arthritis class

  • Workous in the shallow end of the pool.
  • Low intensity and impace.

Chair Yoga

  • A class which incorporates the stretches of yoga, but is done sitting in or standing by a chair.

Senior Fitness class

An exercise class for seniors that encompasses all of the major fitness components: cardiovascular endurance, muscle strength, and flexibility, and balance.

  • The aerobic portion consists of easy-to-follow movements set to music.
  • All are encouraged to move at their own pace.
  • Various options are shown for strength exercises.
  • Some people may be able to do the exercises while lying on a mat on the floor. Others may have to do them standing at the wall or sitting in a chair.
  • Various props are used, including weights, stretch bands, medicine balls, etc.

shallow water aerobics

  • 45 minute class designed for a high intensity aerobic workout. 
  • Water aerobics will strengthen and tone muscles.

SilverSneakers® classic

  • A strength class designed for seniors.
  • The movements are done standing by or sitting in a chair.
  • Props used are weights, stretch bands and play balls.


  • A light aerobics class done in the shallow end of the pool.

tai chi

  • Demonstrate poise and confidence while moving at medium speed, for people of all ages and degrees of fitness.

Water Yoga

  • A yoga class done in the shallow end of the pool.

yoga & stretch

  • Move your body through a complete series of seated and standing yoga poses & stretches.

  • The chair is offered to safely perform a variety of postures designed to increase flexibility, balance, and range of motion.

  • Breathing & relaxation will reduce stress.

zumba® gold-toning

  • The Zumba® Gold-Toning program combines the enticing world rhythms of the Zumba Gold® program with the strength-training techniques of the Zumba® Toning program, creating an easy-to-follow, health-boosting dance-fitness program for the active older adult as well as beginners.

  • You'll learn how to use weights or Zumba® Toning Sticks to enhance rhythm, build strength and tone all the target zones

The Senior Social Program

  • Meeting time varies by location.
  • It includes card-playing, walking on the track, socializing, a light aerobics and strength class, Swimnastics , Chair Yoga, lunch, and either entertainment or a speaker.
  • Members may participate in any or all of these components.

Monthly Trips

  • Every month from April through November, The North Canton YMCA has a motorcoach trip which is open to members and non-members.
  • Each trip is a one-day trip, and includes lunch.
  • Trips range from very active ones such as greenhouse trips, city tours, shopping, to less active trips such as concerts or shows.