In partnership with the corporate community, participants participate in workshops and hands on activities to learn more about STEAM initiatives and other life-building tools. 

Achievers learn about their health and more importantly, about the health of their families, neighborhoods, and their global community. The programs is highlighted by a Spring Break College Tour and an end of the year Achievers Gala.

  • Develop young minds
  • Build character and strong work ethic
  • Reinforce value of education
  • Introduce a global perspective
  • Create mentorship opportunities
  • Improve college readiness

The Achievers program is designed to match youth with positive adult role models. Adult Achievers are individuals who are selected through corporate solicitation, churches, community organizations, sororities, and fraternities.

Mentors/coaches help inspire youth to make early career options, and raise their academic standards

For more information: Dana M. Alston


Phone Number: 330.458.2403