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Summer Day Camp Information

At our YMCA summer day camps we make a positive impact on our campers and families by nurturing the potential in each and every child. We strive to partner with families to provide growth and positive youth development by:

  • Helping campers to develop new friendships.
  • Exposing campers to new skills and activities.
  • Fostering positive interactions with people who may be different than ourselves.
  • Building self-esteem, confidence and independence.
  • Practice decision-making skills.
  • Providing a safe place where every camper feels as though they belong.
  • Hiring staff who act as positive role-models through their words and actions.

When does summer day camp start?

Weekly programming runs from May 29th to August 16th (dates may vary by camp location). 

What are your day camp hours?

Day camp operates Monday-Friday. Specific hours vary by location between 6:30 am- 6:00 pm. Day camp activities take place between 9:00 am- 4:00 pm.

How much does a week of summer day camp cost?

For YMCA members the cost is $180/week and for individuals without a YMCA membership the cost is $200/week. Weekly rates are for all locations and all age groups. The rate reflects registration for one camper per week and includes all field trips, swimming, guest speakers, camp materials, and more. 

Why should I send my child to a YMCA Summer Day Camp?

We believe that children should spend the summer building memories, not high scores. Our programming gets kids disconnected from technology and reconnected with laughter, fun, and being outdoors as we build community together!

Our Day Camp Locations

Alliance Area YMCA

GlenOak High School

Jackson High School

Lake Community YMCA

Compton Learning Center

Louisville Middle School

North Canton Middle School

North Canton YMCA Child Development Center

What program is right for you?


(Entering Kindergarten)

Say goodbye to preschool! Pathfinders (sometimes referred to as “K-Camp”) is designed specifically for children entering kindergarten in the fall! Pathfinders will get to know their future classmates as they use teamwork and play to overcome obstacles and strengthen their skills as we help them down the path of self-discovery. Our youngest campers spend their days learning, playing, and seeing firsthand what it means to be a kindergartener! 


(First- Second Grade)

Our Explorers are children entering grades 1&2. No longer the youngest campers on site, Explorers look ahead to grow while learning what it takes to be leaders. Explorers are independent, creative, active campers who are always on the go! Our camp counselors encourage inquiry and exploration as they navigate through the uncharted weeks of summer!


(Third- Fifth Grade)

Trailblazers are made up of campers entering grades 3-5. Trailblazers take the next big step, earning more independence, more opportunities, and "bigger, better" activities! Armed with confidence, creativity, and a passion for choosing their own path, Trailblazers delight in getting to work with their camp counselors to map out their perfect summer!


(Sixth-Eighth Grade)

Rangers are campers that are entering grades 6-8. As the elders of camp, they are challenged to take their leadership skills to the next level. Rangers are young adults and are treated as such. Teaming up with our Teen and Family Department, our camp counselors plan the most engaging and advanced activities that campers will forget they aren't on their phones!