Training Options

1 0n 1 Training

Available in 30 minute and 1-hour sessions.

Individual, customized sessions with a personal trainer.

Fully customizable schedule for how often and how long you work together.


Partner Training

Join up with a friend and workout with personal trainer together.

Best for friends with similar goals, exercise interests and fitness levels.

Specialty Training

Meet in a small group (4-10 people) and enjoy fitness in a fun, interactive setting.

Offers members the flexibility and challenge of customized training with a group of friends.

Programs include Women on Weights, Sports Specific Training, and Functional Training

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1 Session

4 Sessions

8 Sessions

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30 Minute 1 on 1 Training





60 Minute 1 on 1 Training





30 Minute Partner Training





60 Minute Partner Training






Go to the top of this page to fill out a Personal Training interest form. A YMCA staff member will then contact you to answer any questions you have and get you started with a trainer.

Visit your local YMCA to view our Personal Trainers biographies, experience, and specialties. If you would like for us to select a trainer for you based on your availability and wellness goals/needs, we can do that as well.

Join up with a friend and work with a personal trainer together. This option works best for friends with similar goals, exercise interests and fitness levels.

Wear comfortable, breathable clothing that allows for freedom of movement. Athletic shoes with good support are essential, and bring a water bottle.

A customized fitness program will be designed to meet YOUR specific needs. The personal trainer will guide you through your workouts and provide you with encouragement, direction, motivation, and accountability.

Some classes focus on specific muscle groups while others will focus on endurance and strength. Though with each class you will find small group sizes that allow the trainer to offer feedback and help with form when needed. 

Partner training involves working out with a friend or partner under the guidance of a personal trainer. While you'll still receive personalized attention, the dynamic is more collaborative. While with specialized classes the group sizes are 4-10 people so you are still getting that collaborative environment. Personalized attention is shared over a larger group, vs 1 on 1 training where you can expect a custom workout and personalized attention your whole session.