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Despite its name, the YMCA is not just for the young, not just for men and not just for Christians. It is, however, as our history illustrates, an association of members who come together with a common understanding of the YMCA's mission and a common commitment to the YMCA's vision of building strong kids, strong families and strong communities.

Across the United States, 20.2 million members are part of 2,663 local YMCA associations. Each association is different, reflecting the needs of the local community. Your YMCA in your community may have a facility with a gymnasium, pool, child care center or even a school. It may be a storefront operation delivering community-based programs such as job training or youth and government. It may be a camp, or it may be a satellite program in a local school. It may be all of these things.

Whatever the facilities, whatever the programs, what doesn't change are the people. What every YMCA has in common is a dedicated group of people: volunteers, staff, members and donors—all of whom are committed to our mission. It is the people of the YMCA who build strong kids, strong families and strong communities—and you can help.

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