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Staff Directory

Location quick links:


Canal Fulton
Eric Snow Family
Lake Community
Louisville Area
Meyers Lake
Minerva Area
North Canton Community Building
North Canton Child Development Center
Paul & Carol David
YMCA Camp Tippecanoe
YMCA Gymnastics Center

association office 330.491.9622

Tim Shetzer, Chief Executive Officer
ext.240 or
Craig Greenlee, Chief Operations Officer
ext. 248 or
Elaine Sivy, Chief Financial Officer
ext. 243 or
Michelle Aladich, Vice President of Advancement
ext. 223 or
Diana Semelsberger, Human Resources Director
ext. 251 or

Eric Nixon, IT Director
ext. 244 or

Morgen Rutledge, Administrative Assistance
ext. 241 or
Robin Pippert, Accountant
ext. 250 or
David McIntyre, Accounts Payable
ext. 228 or
Elaine Thomas, Marketing & Communications Coordinator, ext. 267 or
Jacob Glatz, Payroll Coordinator
ext. 242 or
Derek Weast, System Administrator
ext. 270 or

ALLIANCE 330.823.1930

Nick Hansen, Executive Director
Morgan Buttermore, Membership Director
Teri Faudree, Aquatics, Gymnastics & Teen Director
Andrea Lee, Health & Fitness Director 
Heidi Wilson, Child Care Director
330-875-1611 ext. 213 or

CANAL FULTON 330.830.6275

Pam Leddon, Associate Executive Director
Lyndsay Gatto, Child Care Director

ERIC SNOW FAMILY 330.458.2403

Michael Brown, Executive Director
ext. 10222 or
Jazmyn Christian, Membership Director
ext. 10219 or
Jimmy Bradley, Jr., Community Program Director
330.489.3350 or
Deven Yanc, Property Manager
ext. 10220 or
Jason Taylor, Aquatic Director
ext. 10221 or
Crystal Winfrey-Ellington, Wellness Director
ext. 10218 or


LAKE COMMUNITY 330.877.8933

Rich Carpenter, Executive Director
ext. 3225 or
Rob Dent, Associate Executive/Sports Director
ext. 3230 or
Judy Copley, Membership Director
ext. 3228 or
Christina Collins, Child Care Director
ext. 3227 or
Erin Wilson, Wellness Director
ext. 3528 or
Zachary Piersol, Teen & Family Director
ext. 3229 or  
Nathan Rose, Aquatic Director
ext. 3226 or 

LOUISVILLE AREa 330.875.1611

Jennifer Anderson, Executive Director
ext. 205 or 
John Ianigro, Youth Sports & Wellness Director, ext. 203 or
Kris Jones, Membership Dirctor
ext. 202 or
Heidi Wilson, Child Care Director
ext. 213 or
Jacob Riley, Aquatic Director
ext. 206 or
Amy Simpkins, Wellness & Gymnastics Director
ext. 211 or
Arryn Slutz, Teen & Family Director
ext. 207 or
Tim Martin, Property Manager
Ext. 214 or

MEYERS LAKE 330.454.9018

Meagan Shaheen, Interim Director & Senior Program Director ext. 203 or Michele Chiavaroli, Membership Director
ext. 201 or
Laura Fulmer, Childcare Director
ext. 208 or
Judy McKinstry, Child Care Accounts Director
ext. 206 or
Dave Nash, Sports & Recreation
ext. 213 or
Micki Fontes, Health & Wellness Director
ext. 212 or
Holly Hug, Associate Childcare Director
ext. 207 or 

Deven Yanc, Property Manager
ext. 215 or


minerva area 330.868.5988

Teresa Arrasmith, Executive Director
Melissa Ulik, Membership Director
Beth Holderbaum, Child Care Director
330.868.0901 or
Davon Kuttie, Program Director
Deb Nightingale, Health & Wellness Coordinator
Jim Arrasmith, Property Manager

north canton community building 330.499.2587

Ben Wheeler, Executive Director
ext. 107 or
Julie Daugherty, Associate Executive Director
ext. 108 or
Julie Milam, Membership Director
ext. 103 or
Natalie Ware, Assistant Membership Director
ext. 105 or
Debbie Josif, Aquatic Director
ext. 135 or
Nancy Gregory, Associate Aquatic Director
ext. 125 or
DeDe Dearnbarger, Aquatic Competitive Director
ext. 125 or
Anne Villella-Covert, Health & Fitness Director
ext. 124 or
Shawn Wise, Wellness Director
ext. 134 or
Dan Griffin, Health & Wellness Program Coordinator, ext. 122 or
Rudi Hiney, Personal Training Director
ext. 143 or
Mick Ryan, Sports & Recreation Director
ext. 126 or
Terri Pollock, Senior & Special Populations Director
ext. 117 or
Luke Overmire, Teen & Family Director
ext. 133 or
Kathy Yaros, Communications & Marketing Director
ext. 138 or
Larry Andrews, Property Manager
ext. 121 or
Monica Singleton, Administrative Assistant
ext. 102 or


Abby Messner, Child Care Director
Mandi Gibbons, Associate Child Care Director
Laura Sasser, Office Manager

north canton ymca GYMNASTICS CENTER 330.498.4082

Michael Hickey, Senior Gymnastics Director
Dave Compher, Gymnastics Director
Terri Steiner, Gymnastics Center Office

PAUL & CAROL DAVID 330.830.6275

Jean Campbell, Executive Director
ext. 1102 or
Pam Leddon, Associate Executive Director
ext. 1107 or

Debbie Sharkey, Membership Director
ext. 1103 or

Jasmine Johnson,  Assistant Membership Director
ext. 1200 or
Heather Nettle, Health & Wellness Director
ext. 1105 or
Mike Poulsen, Associate Health & Wellness Director
ext.1122 or
Dara Gaut, Aquatics Director
ext. 1108 or
Doug Nist, Swim Team Coach
ext. 1201 or
Lyndsay Gatto, Childcare Director
ext. 1106 or
Shawn Stone, Teen & Family Director
ext. 1120 or 
Brenda Davison, Child Care Accounts
ext. 1117 or
Terry Saunders, Property Manager
ext. 1115 or

YMCA CAMP TIPPECANOE 800.922.0679 or 1-877-got-camp

Luke Overmire, Summer Camp Director
330-499-2587 ext. 133 or
Carrie Weigley, Program Director
ext. 3120 or