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YMCA of Central Stark County

To put Christian Principles into practice through programs that build healthy spirit, mind and body for all.

Inspiring Others

As 2015 comes to a close so will the celebration of 150 Days of Healthy Living in partnership with Aultman Hospital. The past few months were exciting watching our members and the community participate in the weekly Healthy Trivia, as well as geocache throughout the County to find some pretty cool prizes. 

Throughout this endeavor we have read stories about people in our community that have impacted the lives of friends, neighbors, strangers and family, and we have recognized them as Healthy Heroes. This was not an easy feat as we have received over 70 nominations for Healthy Heroes and would have loved to recognize everyone. 

Sometimes, we don’t always know the impact we have on those around us and it is not only a gesture of kindness it encourages one to continue pressing forward. 

Some Y staff were nominated as Healthy Heroes and we wanted to recognize and encourage them to keep on inspiring those in their midst.

Please describe the nominee as a Healthy Hero:

Jamie is the Health& Wellness Program Coordinator at the YMCA and is always a friendly face and no matter what she is there for you and always pushes you to better yourself and encourages having a healthy life style.

Please describe the nominee as a Healthy Hero:

Crystal helps others get their body where they want it to be and also teaches healthy tips for a healthy lifestyle. She makes her workouts very challenging, but never judges and always keeps pushing others to never give up. She is also a very pleasant person to work with and also fun. 

Please describe the nominee as a Healthy Hero:

Michelle is not only my daughter. She is my Aqua Zumba Instructor. She made the decision a few years ago to get healthy. She went on her own and became a certified Zumba instructor. She began a healthy regimen and not only looks fabulous but was able to not take medication for high cholesterol because of activity changes in her life. She inspired me to join her classes and helped me recover from total knee replacement! If you interview anyone in her classes, they will confirm her energy is contagious!! Now on to 5K! No stopping her! She is my hero!

Please describe the nominee as a Healthy Hero:

I nominate Doug Vucovich as a healthy hero. I know he works hard to keep himself healthy and fit. He also works hard to lead his Senior Fitness class with good humor and encouragement so that we want to try harder. 

Thank you to our very own Healthy Heroes!