Below you'll find a virtual tour to help explore camp. The filmstrip can help you navigate around.

As an overview:

  • Camp had 12 cabins each with 14 beds.  6 cabins are in the East Village and 6 cabins in the West Village. Each village has a shared shower house, fire rings and picnic shelter.
  • The Main Lodge can easily seat 200+, serves savory meals with gorgeous views.
  • C-Bar-T Ranch is a stand alone retreat center, horse barn, arena and pasture.  It sleeps 33 and great teens and youth retreats.  
  • Lazy T Ranch has 15 beds, horse barn, arena, and pasture. It's located at the top of camp with unmatched views.
  • The Main Barn is were we base our horse campers out of. It a great stable, with pasture and 2 arenas.

Program Areas.

  • Lake Clendening Waterfront: At camp our waterfront is nestled in a small cove of beautiful Lake Clendening. It has shallow and deep swim zones and depending on the time of year - a giant water trampoline.  Of course you can't have a waterfront without canoes and kayaks.  (Lifeguard(s) required)
  • Double Zipline: A side by side zipline to go down with friends.
  • Giant Swing: A group works together to pull a participant up to a height of their choice. Participant pulls a snap-shackle and usually proceeds with screaming. So much fun!
  • Leap of Faith: Climb up and then stand upon a telephone pole.  Leap follows
  • Team Building Ground Course: Gather your friends together for team building challenges to conquer the course together.
  • Archery, BB and .22 ranges:
  • Mosaic craft room:
  • Game room:
  • Gaga pits: Camp had 3 pits, located at the main dining hall, East village and waterfront.
  • 9 Square in the Air: 
  • Pontoon rides/ lake tours: Take a leisurely ride on our pontoon boats to see more of Lake Clendening.
  • The Ridge: Enjoy 4 camping adirondacks and cooking pavilion.
  • Rustic campsites: Want a more traditional camping experience? We have rustic campsites to enjoy.
  • Creek hikes: 
  • Trails:


Camp Trail Map

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Camp Map

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Phone Number: 740.922.0679

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