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YMCA of Central Stark County

To put Christian Principles into practice through programs that build healthy spirit, mind and body for all.

It's Better Together

Friendship, like hope, springs eternal.  It knows no age limits, no retirement dates and no physical or mental infirmities.  Most of us who have lived and loved long enough might even say that it gets better with age.  Finding a partner later in life can bring joy and meaning to it unlike anything experienced by youth.

Glenda is 93 and he is 86. They are widow and widower.  He used to golf with Glenda’s husband many years ago and always thought she was a nice lady.  After both of their significant others passed away, he thought he might give her a call to see if she’d be interested in getting together.  She was. Their connection was instant.

Ten years later, they’re still seeing each other and have remained active; participating in exercise classes, dancing at the Polish-American Club and going out to dinner.  Together, they signed up for the Meyers Lake YMCA’s Jumpstart Program, where they learned ways to not only stay in shape, but to make healthier decisions for a healthier lifestyle.

Like any couple who have been together for some time – they do argue, but in a good way! He looks out for her and she looks out for him.  They’re committed to staying active, together.

No matter what your age, sharing your passions and interests is a crucial component to long term happiness and that doesn’t disappear as time moves on.