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Contact Us

Give us a call at 1•800•922•0679

OR Send an email to the Camp Director at: 


We are partnering with Camp Y-Noah to bring the best camp experience to Northeast Ohio. Both camps are collaborating through jmarketing efforts, prices, and shared staff resources

How old does a camper have to be? 

  • Campers are ages 7-17 for 1 week & 2 week sessions 
  • Half week Mini Camps ages 6-12 years

Camp Activities 

  • Mornings—Campers choose from one of three Program Paths: Mosaic (Music, Art, Drama, Video Production), OWLs (Science, Nature, Outdoor Skills/ Craft) and Wind & Water (Swimming, Boating, Fishing) 
  • Horse Campers work in the Horse Camp Path every morning from breakfast to lunch. 
  • Afternoons—Campers have a rest hour (siesta) then do either cabin activities or camper’s choice. Cabin activities & camper’s choice switch each afternoon. 
  • Evenings—After dinner campers attend our spiritual non-denominational chapel then onto evening activity including everyone in camp 
  • Other Activities During Camp—tie dye, hiking, archery, bb’s, air rifles, arts‘n crafts, GaGa, 4 Square, zip line, field games, initiatives, slip ‘n slide, creek stomps, sailing, ultimate Frisbee, what ever creative thing the counselor and campers come up with!!

Registering My Camper 

  • Call Y Camps business office at 330-896-1964 or 877-GOT CAMP pay the $75 non-refundable deposit with a valid credit card. 
  • Register at any Y Stark branch by paying a $75 non-refundable deposit with a valid credit card, check or cash. 

What happens after I register 

  • A confirmation email is sent to your email on record. Verifies dates, program, price, balance and cabin mate request. 
  • A parent handbook and camp forms will be emailed after about a week 
  • Forms due for campers by 1st day of the month prior to attending. June camp due May 1st, July camp due June 1st, August camp due July 1st. 
  • Paid in full balance is due 1st day of month prior to attending. June camp due May 1st, July Camp due June 1st, August Camp due July 1st 
  • Forms must be returned to the Y Camps Business Office c/o YMCA Camp Tippecanoe, 815 Mt. Pleasant Road, Clinton, OH 44216


Camp Staff, Nurses & Supervision 

  • Camp staff must be 18 and graduated from high school. 
  • All staff must be first aid/CPR certified and attend the Tippecanoe week long staff training 
  • 2 counselors are assigned to a cabin of 6-10 campers. A lead counselor has the primary role with campers and spends most of the day with the campers.  The support counselor helps during wake up, bed time, meal times and evening activity. 
  • At times Counselors In Training may be assigned to a cabin to shadow Camp Staff and help with cabin management 
  • Camp Staff supervise activity areas and walk with campers around camp through out the day 
  • Camp Nurses or a designated Med Staff are available each week for medication distribution, camper health & safety, and first aid needs



  • Email - Parents can use a one way email service through Bunk1 to send emails to campers.Emails are printed off once a day and delivered at lunch or dinner
  • Camp Postoffice - Parents can write a letter for each day at camp for their camper prior to arrival and then deposit them in the Camp Post Office.
  • Mail to Loved Ones—Campers have time each day to write a postcard home to parents or to loved ones and mail out in the camp post office. Our postal service at camp is slower than most so mail is not always timely 
  • Camp Office—someone is answering phones in the office from 9am to 6pm during business hours. After 6pm calls will be answered if someone is available. Messages will be returned in 24 hours. 
  • Texts & Emails—The camp director and program director have the ability to receive texts and emails through out the day on cell phones. 
  • Photos—Our staff photographer will post pictures throughout the week on our SmuggMugg account. We do our best to capture the essence of camp and as many camper faces as possible.


  • Meals are served family style to each cabin table 
  • Salad bar, side bar, and hot bar options are available at every meal 
  • We do our best to work with parents to accommodate food allergies and special dietary restrictions


Swimming, Boating, and Water Activities 

  • Tippecanoe does not have a swimming pool. Campers swim in our designated swim area on Lake Clendening an 18 mile public lake. 
  • Camper’s must take a swim test on first full day of camp. Swim ability is determined by camp life guards and swim protocols set forth by the YMCA. 
  • Camper’s are classified as deep water or shallow water swimmers. Given a wristband based on classification for easy identification for staff 
  • Camper’s not taking the swim test are required to wear a life vest when in the water. Shallow water swimmers may be asked to wear a life vest. 
  • Life vests are required for all camper’s choosing to go canoeing, kayaking, boating or use the inflatables. 
  • Age requirements are set for all boating activities and inflatable use.


  • Horse Campers get to learn riding basics & techniques every morning from after breakfast until lunch. 

  • Lazy T Campers are assigned a horse for the week. Ranchers will care for

    the horse, further riding ability, and take longer trail rides. 

  • Every camper not in Lazy T or Horse Camp has an opportunity to ride in the afternoon during camper choice during the week. No additional cost.

  • All horse riders are evaluated by camp staff on ability and confidence.

  • Camp provides all riders with an approved helmet for riding.