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Character at Camp

Here is what people are saying about how Camp Tippecanoe has taught them to live by the Character Pillars:


"This camp is the most extraordinary, life changing thing I have ever experienced. After just one week you meet people you will remember for a long time and you'll have to wish them good luck on the last day because goodbye is just too hard. Camp games, skits and chapels keep the whole camp united and everyone learns how to be trustworthy, respectful, responsible, caring and fair. Not only does everyone display this at camp but it's something every child brings home. But, the best part of the entire camp is that it's a sanctuary for all. It's my getaway, has been for 10 years. It's the one place everyone can go to find love, regardless of their lives at home. Quite simply? Camp is where it's at."
~ Holly, Camper for 10 years and CIT

"I can't choose a single pillar. I still have secrets that I've kept for people I met my first year of camp, and that was seven years ago. I've been taught to respect the environment around me and care for my fellow campers. This last year I.was responsible because I was the oldest girl at Lazy-T and I took responsibility in making sure everyone was ok. And I've always tried to be fair; I wouldn't be me if I didn't. Every pillar has helped me outside of camp, and I intend on returning to make these values stronger."
~ Abby, Camper for 7 years

On Trustworthiness:
"Camp has taught me that it's better to be trustworthy and honest with someone instead of saying little lies that eventually take their toll after awhile. I've learned that being honest with someone is the key to friendship."
~Angelina, Former CIT and Staff for 3 years

On Respect:
"I've learned great respect for those people who put their every ounce into camp and make it the remarkable place it is."
~ Ali, Summer Staff for 2 years

On Responsibility:
"Camp Tippecanoe has taught me the value of Responsibility by being on staff. Being on staff is a lot of fun but it also comes with a lot of responsibility, dealing with that in the summers has prepared me to take on more responsibilities outside of camp."
~Chris, Camper for 7 years and Staff for 3 years

On Fairness:
"Camp Tippecanoe has taught me that Fairness is the unconscious character of camp. Fairness is happening all the time at camp and we don't even know it. I see fairness happening all the time. At meals when the last cookie is on the plate campers will break it up to share it. There is no line cutting at camp because everyone always gets a turn. Everyone in the cabin takes a turn cleaning up or setting the table. These are things that are expected at camp but not necessarily asked. Our campers are magical they just do these things because it is a part of our camp culture of character."
~Scott Weigley, Tippecanoe Camp Director since 2007

On Caring:
"It's hard not to learn to be caring when a cabin full of boys are depending on your guidance when they're scared of a thunderstorm. Or when the new counselors arrive for training after deciding to give a great deal if their summer to help kids have a wonderful time."
~ Walter, Staff Alumnus

"The staff makes every person who comes feel valued and cared for."
~ Kathy, Weekend Group Leader

On Citizenship:
"I can go to work at the camp sometimes in a grouchy mood thinking how unfair and selfish the world has become. Longing for the "good old days" when it was a safer place and people were kinder to each other. But after a few minutes at camp, I'm snapped out of it by the presence of people passionate about fighting "the good fight" Old ones, young ones, new generations of 'em! It gives me hope.
Lessons learned, faith in people restored. Then I'm my happy ornery self again :-) The good fight is the only one worth fighting for."
~Brenda, Staff for 10 years

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