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Annual Campaign

The Y's annual campaign helps kids, families, individuals and seniors in our 

Being a single parent of a very active 11 year old boy, I want to do things with my son and be an active part of his life during these years. However, because of the many responsibilities that come with the territory of being his mom, his dad, cheerleader and friend, couple that with my own struggles, there doesn’t seem to be time for the fun activities we would enjoy doing. All of that leads me to eat for comfort; with the result being that I couldn’t even sit in folding chairs to watch his baseball games.

I work, but barely make enough to pay the bills, so a Y membership seemed out of the question until I found out about the scholarship program. Since joining, I have lost 20lbs and I am now on the path to a healthy future with my son.

 Through the Ys Annual Campaign, we were able to make a difference in the lives of youth, families and individuals in your community.

Since 1866, the YMCA of Central Stark County has provided a variety of programs to those who could not afford to participate otherwise. 

HOW you can make a difference:

Send 2 kids to camp for a week$1,000
Provide 10 weeks of childcare to a school ager$500
Provide a teen with an annual Y membership$300
Provide a year's Y Membership for a youth$200
Provide 4 children swim classes for 7 weeks$100


ALL DUE to the generosity of our donors.

Your contribution to the YMCA, no matter how big or small, will help us in our quest to give every child a place to go and a "chance to grow".  

Donations are tax deductible and payment schedules are flexible.