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YMCA of Central Stark County

To put Christian Principles into practice through programs that build healthy spirit, mind and body for all.



The calendar might have had us spring forward, but in Ohio winter is still holding on. But to be quite honest, we have had a beautifully mild winter which has been helpful for all ages to remain active.  Amazingly enough our Ys have been brimming with folks, from the children in our fairytale dance classes to the kids and adults on the courts, there has been no shortage of activity. If you were to walk into any one of our seven locations you would see a beautiful mosaic of people representing; all ages, socio-economic backgrounds, heritages and even other states. (Jersey in the house!) 

Our Ys represent a microcosm of America, a beautiful picture of diversity as we work out side by side, or sit on the pool deck watching our kids in swim lessons. The Y is a place where everyone belongs. The Y’s vision is to strengthen the foundations of our community. At its very core, the Y’s strength IS our community.


As part of a national and global organization the Y has access to some great program opportunities one being the Military Match Grant, which provides funds for military families to participate in memberships and programming. 

This past year Sammi and her daughters participated in the match grant. She met with Camp Tippecanoe’s Program Director, to find out what programs would be the best match for her three girls. Speaking from someone who has relocated, it is important to get involved in programming that allows you to feel included and part of the community.  

After enrolling her girls, Sammi was most concerned with the girls having a typical Ohio summer camp experience. She wanted to make sure the girls were together and the surroundings were safe, but because the girl’s ages varied, they were placed in different camps. That was fine by the girls, who couldn’t wait to make new friends and explore their surroundings. 

Carrie W., Camp Tippecanoe Program Director, said, “The girls had a smile the whole week at camp, I don’t think it left their faces.” What a great experience for all. 

The Y has an important role to play in today’s world and more importantly in our communities. More than ever, our core values, our inclusive mission and our work to strengthen community are imperative. We must continue to be a safe place where individuals and families of all walks of life can learn, grow and thrive together.